You can vote for missing Windows Phone apps


Which apps missing from the Windows Phone app store are the most urgent or the most wanted by users?

One approach was that of app developer Nick Landry who compared the Windows Phone app store with the 100 most popular iPhone apps. Leaving aside banks and national TV broadcasters (who tend to be specific to individual countries) and games, important apps Landry identified as missing include; Amazon instant video, Dropbox, Expedia, Flipboard, Google Maps and Google Plus, Instagram and Instapaper, Kobo, Mashable,, Nook, Photoshop express, Pinterest, Readability, Trulia, Vine, Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo and Yahoo Weather.

It would be fair also to include Citibank and BBC News to the list of missing apps on the grounds of global applicability.

One can see why some of these might be a little slow in coming. Google isn’t too keen on supporting Windows Phone, while Lumia users are very happy with Nokia maps. Kobo and Nook are competitor systems, and Windows Phone users already have a Kindle app – plus the ability to read Word files and PDFs.

Dropbox is widely used but only gives you 2 Gigabytes of free storage before you have to start paying, whereas Skydrive gives you 7 Gigabytes, and is built-in to PCs and Windows Phone.

The really big omissions are Expedia for travellers, Instagram for those who can’t keep their camera finger still, Pinterest, Photoshop Express, Vine and Yahoo. With the possible exceptions of Instagram, Expedia and Yahoo Messenger, none of the other omissions seem vitally important.

And it’s not all about the big-time social media apps with millions of users, there are equally important omissions that many would like to see, such as Headspace, the meditation app.

So which apps do you want to see in the app store?

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