Windows still fastest growing smart phone

Windows Phone competes well in world markets

According to IDC, Windows Phone reinforced its position as a top three smartphone operating system and was the fastest-growing platform in Q3 among the leading operating systems with 156 per cent year-over-year gain. Windows Phone is the number two smartphone operating system in 14 markets, and shipped more units than iPhone in 24 markets in Q3.

The 24 markets in which IDC says Windows Phone outshipped iPhone are: Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

The markets in Windows Phone took second place include: India, Mexico, Italy, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa, Ukraine, Hungary, Finland, Czech Republic, and Greece.

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