Windows Phone users will get Windows 8.1 in October

windows phone users will get windows 8.1 update

Microsoft will roll out the final update of Windows 8.1 to users in October, according to reports in The Verge. Partners and PC manufacturers will receive the final updates later this month, says the report, and the two-month gap until the October release will allow for final testing for the roll out.

Windows 8.1 includes a number of multitasking improvements, new smaller Live Tiles, and a built-in Bing-powered search engine, according to a near-final version of the update leaked to the internet recently. Microsoft is adding in a number of tutorials and Windows Phone-like menus to make using the operating system easier. The Windows 8.1 update will come just 12 months after Windows 8 was first launched in October last year.

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One thought on “Windows Phone users will get Windows 8.1 in October

  1. Shawn

    To anyone proof reading this, the title should be “Windows 8 computer users will get Windows8.1 in October”. Although Windows phone users may eventually get some new features from an 8.1 update, it has been reported that it will not come till next year.

    I do think that Microsoft is causing all this confusion themselves. The Windows Phone should be called something different. Surface Phone would have been a better a name!!


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