Windows Phone tops list of IPv6 users

Windows phone tops list of IPv6 users

It’s a pleasant surprise to find Windows Phone topping a list but an unexpected one to find that it is way ahead of everyone else in adopting the IPv6 standard.

It seems that Windows Phone 8 has the largest percentage of users of the new IPv6 standard, which is surprising given that the OS shipped without support for the technology, and that it was only later added as an update.

IPv6 is a networking technology which is meant to fully replace IPv4 eventually, and provides a much larger address space and could eventually do away with technology such as NAT which prevents phones on some carrier networks from acting as servers.

The data has been collected by the huge content delivery network Akamai and is via Government IT news site, who notes that mobile is ahead of the desktop in this area, and may lead the charge to switch over sooner.

The figures are as follows:-

Windows Phone 8 12%
Blackberry OS10 5.9%
Android 4.1/4.2 10.8%
Android 4.0 3.2%
Android 2.3 1.6%
iOS 6 1.8%
iOS 5 1.4%
iOS 3, 4 1.1%

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