Windows Phone tops 10 million sales in last quarter

Microsoft ships 10 million Windows Phones in Q3

According to data published by Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments reached 251 million units during the third quarter of 2013. Microsoft’s Windows Phone has doubled in market share and is currently the world’s fastest growing smartphone platform, as of Q3 2013.

According to the data, Microsoft has shipped more than 10 million Windows Phone devices worldwide during Q3 2013, the first time Microsoft has shipped more than 10 million in a single quarter.

In doing so, the company doubled its global smartphone market share from 2 per cent to 4 per cent in one year, since the launch of Windows 8. In the previous year, the company shipped 3.7 million Windows Phone devices worldwide.

Almost all of this growth is due to sales of Nokia Lumia Windows Phones in all markets – Europe, Asia, and the United States. At present Windows Phone is failing to gain market share in Japan, South Korea, and Africa, according to Strategy Analytics.

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