Windows phone leads in 24 countries

Windows phone leads says idc

Microsoft has broken down its sales areas country by country and said exactly where Windows Phone is outselling the iPhone. The list reads as follows:

Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

In fourteen of these markets – Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, India, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam – Windows Phone has taken second place in the sector, overtaking BlackBerry and Symbian.

The data comes from global smartphone sales in Q3 2013 by independent market analyst IDC, which says Microsoft led iPhone sales in only seven countries in Q3 2012. Sales are also up 156 percent during the last 12 months, triple Android’s annual growth and six times that of iOS.

There are some caveats to this performance.

• Italy and Finland aside, Windows Phone is primarily growing is poorer nations where the iPhone is prohibitively expensive.

• Q3 is typically a slow period for Apple AAPL +0.46% with sales dipping ahead of expected iPhone refreshes.

• iPhone sales boom over the Christmas period and Q4 figures have yet to be announced.

• Windows Phone sales are most in the low end with the Lumia 5210 (top) and 520 accounting for 42.4 per cent of all shipments.

• Nokia accounts for 93.2 per cent of all Windows Phone handset sales underlining little interest from companies where Microsoft does not have control.

A second announcement from researcher Kantar in December shows that Europe as a whole is taking to Windows Phone at the expense of iOS. Across the ‘EU5’ (Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) iOS market share fell 5 per cent over the last 12 months to 15.8 per cent while Windows Phone has grown from 4.8 per cent to 10.2 per cent. During the same period Android grew from 64.5 per cent to 70.9 per cent.

Britain remains iOS’s biggest customer in Europe where its market share of 28.7 per cent is nearly triple Windows Phone’s 11.9 per cent, though that still represents an 11.3 per cent increase over the last 12 months for Microsoft.

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