Windows Phone gets NaviComputer app


The Windows Phone-based NaviComputer, a GPS offline map and tracking app designed for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities and adventures, has been updated with a brand new feature called ‘live tracking.’

Users activating live tracking can share their location in real-time with friends or family and can also share a link with other people via email or social media so that others can see the user’s location live on a map. This can be done running any browser on any Windows Phone-running device. No registration or sign up is required to access the feature.

With the new update, the NaviComputer app can act as an emergency service if the user is in some kind of trouble when on a trip alone. Apart from that, it can also help meet new people who also enjoy similar hiking experiences

From LockscreenYou can share the tracking link with your friends or a family member so they can follow your trip and see where you are in real-time.

The NaviComputer app for Windows Phone 8 is available for download from the Windows Phone Store here.

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