Windows Phone development in India


In an interview with Indian magazine Economic Times, Viral Oza, Director-Marketing at Nokia India, has talked about the entry of new smartphone players in the Windows Phone market, App ecosystem and marketing strategies for Lumia and Asha portfolios.

‘Presently’,says Oza, ‘Windows Phone platform is the second largest OS in the country and Nokia, so far, has been the flag bearer in the growth journey of the Windows Phone ecosystem. The entry of more players in the Windows Phone market will help the ecosystem to grow further. Also, more developers will come on board, strengthening the ecosystem even more. In addition to that, I don’t see any impact on pricing of Windows Phone devices amid the entry of more players.’

Oza points out that there are already over 5000 developers in India, who develop apps for Windows Phone platform. Some 65 per cent of all downloads for India developed apps are from outside India, while 35 per cent is from India. ‘There is a huge traction towards these India developed apps for Windows Phone’ says Oza.’Downloads in India are around 4 million downloads a week from the marketplace’.

Asked if Nokia is considering contractual telco bundling with high-end Lumia devices, Oza says, ‘India fundamentally is an openly market, where consumers buy the device separately and choose the operator and plans separately. I don’t think, reverse bundling is something happening at big scale in the country.’

‘In India, if Airtel offers something under contract, consumers still have the choice to either take it up or go for an open market device and separate plan, unlike some of the developed markets, where consumers don’t have such options.’

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