Will Microsoft pay $1Bn to Samsung to make Windows Phones?

samsung to make more windows phones

We don’t usually print rumours on Windows Phone News, preferring to leave speculation to others, but this one is too intriguing not to pass on to our readers. According to Eldar Murtazin, editor in chief of Russian technoblog Mobile-review.com, Microsoft has offered Samsung $1 billion to start making Windows Phones.

His Twitter message (https://twitter.com/eldarmurtazin/status/411001284956016640) reads, ‘Another “good” news from Microsoft – company negotiate with Samsung and offer 1 billion support if vendor will produce Windows Phone devices.’

The move would make perfect sense. As well as being the world’s biggest company, Samsung is also the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones. Following its acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phones business, Microsoft is keen to enlist other OEM makers of Windows Phone handsets. It could be a marriage made in mobile phone heaven.

Samsung currently makes the Ativ S Windows Phone. But if the company chose to put its manufacturing muscle behind the Microsoft platform, its ouput could easily dwarf even that of Nokia.

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