Why Windows Phone apps store compares well with competitors

Top 100 Apps on Windows Phone

Lack of apps is the complaint most often levelled against Windows Phone – yet software developer Nick Landry of Infragistics has analysed the top 100 apps and says Windows Phone compares well with its competitors. Landry says, ‘It’s not the number of apps that matters, it’s having the right apps.’

Landry listed the top 100 popular apps on iOS (excluding games), and compared that list to Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 to see how each store fared in terms of app availability.

He says he used iOS as the benchmark because Apple was first in the ‘modern app store era’ and he says he ‘could not really find any *must have* mainstream app on Android that iOS doesn’t have.’

Taking the Apple app store as representing 100 per cent, then as the table below shows, Android ticks 96 per cent of the boxes and Windows Phone can score 64 per cent (see table below.)



On his list Landry comments, ‘First, I must say that with 64 per cent of the top mainstream iOS apps being available on Windows Phone is not bad at all considering the global market share still hovers around 4 to 6 per cent. Android had to reach a much higher market share before official brands started developing for the platform.’

‘It should also be said that Microsoft and Nokia are both lobbying app developers a lot (i.e. throwing money at them) to bring their apps to Windows Phone. It was reported that Nokia is not very happy about the current state of things on Windows Phone, but we’re assured that by the end of the year most of the missing apps will be there. Looking at my Top 10 missing iOS apps blog post from last year, seven of those apps are now available on Windows Phone, and it’s been confirmed that Flipboard is coming on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 too.’

‘Many news outlets still snub Windows Phone, such as BBC, CBS, CNBC, FOX Business and Mashable. The BBC has their iPlayer app available on Windows Phone in the UK, but yet no BBC News app. Strange. Mashable tells you which Windows Phone apps you need, but won’t bother building their own.’

However, from a European perspective, Windows Phone scores considerably higher. Nine of the apps Landry lists are for popular US TV channels such as ‘Good Morning America’. A European user might also perhaps wonder at the inclusion of apps for DC Comics and ComiXology.

The apps of substance identified as missing in the list include; Amazon instant video, BBC News, Citibank, Dropbox, Expedia, Flipboard, Google Maps and Google Plus, Instagram and Instapaper, Kobo, Mashable, Mint.com, Nook, Photoshop express, Pinterest, Readability, Trulia,Vine, Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo and Yahoo Weather.

Taking these are the key current omissions puts the Windows Phone app store closer to 80 per cent that of its competitors.

Further details and analysis on Nick Landry’s blog here.

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6 thoughts on “Why Windows Phone apps store compares well with competitors

  1. phenry9999

    The other flipside to this story is what people seee advertised. When you’re in the subway, watching a TV commercial, reading a magazine, or on a billboard, you see iphone and android apps marketplace, not WP. :< That is starting to upset this WP dev. When app store marketplaces HAS turned into a product feature, it pains me to NOT see my platform there.

  2. richardmilton Post author

    I agree the volume of publicity is very unequal – oddly enough it seems to be just as unfair to Android because every Hollywood movie and TV film shows teenagers using iPhones! However, I’m glad to see that both Microsoft and Nokia have pulled their fingers out and we are now seeing some decent advertising on prime time TV – Nokia even sponsoring some drama series. It would be funny if a director wanted to show someone editing a PowerPoint or presentation or an Excel spreadsheet – he or she would have no alternative but to show a Windows Phone!

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  4. Michael Humphries

    I am not an expert in technology but I’m not stupid. The hackers are navigating tools to delay the process. I have to get past this so I can get online & media to show my skills & message

  5. ANKEL

    this happens due to the lack of graphical support and few pathetic games to choose from. there is a reason why they call it mobile gaming not console backpacking in order to play your games. put the power “CPU/GPU” the game developers need to make console like experience on a mobile platform. screen size got to 6” with Nokia 1520, so it’s a shame not utilizing that big screen for a great experience gaming, I don’t want to utilize Visual Studio on a smartphone I’ve got a PC for that, but I want to have fun with my phone wherever I am. when you will realize that Windows Phone will kick all right in the BALLS “but I guess you over there are not GAMERS” have fun


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