Use your Windows Phone as a remote control

Use your Windows Phone as a PowerPoint remote control

Anyone who has ever mislaid their PowerPoint remote control clicker will welcome Microsoft’s new, free Office Remote app which works on Windows Phone.  It does everything your clicker does and even gives you a laser pointer.

Office Remote works with PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, with app-specific functions for all three. First you download the the app, and then set up a desktop add-in for Office Remote, which makes it possible to control your PC from your phone. Then you can remotely launch any of the three Office apps..

According to Microsoft’s Darren Edge,  “It is quite amazing how many people all over the world rely on PowerPoint to add visual impact to their presentations—and how many of these presentations are delivered in meeting rooms, classrooms, ballrooms, and boardrooms every day.”

In PowerPoint, the Office Remote can navigate slides in sequence, moving ahead either on a slide-by-slide basis or to a particular slide, via its thumbnail image. An on-phone display also shows the ongoing presentation time, plus a navigable “laser pointer” that can be used to highlight particular details.

Microsoft says that Excel users can quickly jump between the data, graphs, and named objects. Pivot tables and filters can be adjusted on the fly, and the display can be zoomed in and out. Users can also zoom in and out of Word documents, and move through them on the fly.

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