Update for Skype app for Windows Phone

Skype video message for Windows Phone

Skype has announced another update to its Windows Phone app that adds some much-requested features. Skype version 2.13 is live now on the Windows Phone store and it includes the ability to copy and paste Instant Messages, as well as faster start up.

According to Skype’s Lara Kingwell, ‘We’ve focused this release of Skype for Windows Phone on getting you into the conversations faster. We’ve made a significant improvement to the time it takes for the app and your recent conversations to load when you start up Skype from the tile.’

‘In addition, following user feedback we’ve introduced copy and paste for instant messaging conversations. You can now press and hold an IM message, select copy and paste it to where you need it.’

Skype has also added a high contrast mode to the app – which is enabled when your Windows Phone is set to high contrast.

The updated Skype app is available from the Windows Phone app store here.

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