Update for 6snap in the Windows Phone app store


One of the most prolific developers of apps for Windows Phone is Rudy Huyn (I count 16 apps in the Windows Phone app store so far including the popular 6tag and 6sec apps). Rudy has also developed 6snap – which the app store describes as “the first full featured snapchat app for Windows Phone.” Now Rudy has launched version 1.3 of 6snap, with a host of updates.

6snap enables you to snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to one or more friends.
The latest version comes in 13 new languages, and is equipped with has a better quality camera.

It shows recent friends on a ‘choose friends’ page and the number of sent/received snaps when you click on the snapchat title. There is improved security and an update that removes the annoying red waves indicating text corrections when you add text.

You can download the updated 6snap from the Windows app store here.

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One thought on “Update for 6snap in the Windows Phone app store

  1. Sherry

    I am trying to get this on my windows phone but it keeps saying making sure you are not a robot and than 9 pic keeps popping up saying validate I keep trying everything can anyone help. Thanks


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