‘Top Ten Windows Phone app developers’ claims list

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A list of the ten best Windows Phone app developers for November 2013 has been published by

The company says that ‘Businesses looking for compelling Windows phone apps services turn to the ratings supplied online in order to identify Windows phone apps services which have been judged by an independent third party. The ratings are reviewed monthly to account for the latest performance of top contending web design services and to feature the top purveyors of compelling services.’

The top ten list is:-

• Chepri Interactive
• V-Soft
• Mercury Development
• Silver Touch Technologies
• Endeavour
• DCKap
• Mobile Development Experts
• AES Connect
• ARC Touch
• Apptellect

The independent research team at bestwebdesignagencies.com says that they perform a rigorous examination of experienced and prominent Windows phone apps companies. The examination involves the use of a set of evaluation criteria consisting of five areas of examination to benchmark and compare contending Windows phone apps companies based on their core competencies. The five areas of evaluation include speed, customer support, development quality, bug testing, and design quality.

Evaluation Criteria for Windows Phone Apps

Development firms work to develop code which can be distributed to Windows Phones either on a private basis for the use of their employees or for the use of their customers. The company says, ‘Our evaluation criteria is based on the work that a development firm is able to produce for their customers. Our evaluation covers the overall development quality which the development team is able to achieve. How well does the application run in its environment and how optimized is it for running on a variety of platforms? Are there any performance issues or bugs which can cause problems for the users?’

The design quality is also scrutinized. The team asks How well does the application appears? Is it easy to read and use on a mobile platform or are the designs too difficult to read? Does the design fit the type of application which has been developed? Does the design incorporate the branding initiatives relating to the application?

The overall speed of development is measured from the start to the end of a project including any time which must be taken after the creation of an application to fix minor bugs and issues. Does the development team create the application quickly for the client? What tools do they use for automation which assist the process? How do they balance speed with development quality?

The bug testing involved in the development process is also another critical aspect. How much time is spent testing the application and fixing mistakes prior to the release of the application by the development team? Are they able to identify key bugs or issues? Do they involve the client for their testing and feedback?

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