Talygen launches Windows Phone version


Talygen has introduced a Windows Phone app that is fully integrated with its Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Companies and their Employees can use this as an integrated solution to track billable time accurately. Whether someone is on the web, or using a tablet or a smartphone, they can use Talygen’s functionality to track time and manage their corporate workflow.

Says Talygen, ‘Windows Phone has become the one of the fastest growing smartphone platforms for business users. Our Windows Phone application is designed to help managers supervise tasks and employees at multiple levels. Windows Phone users can now quickly and easily track time and share time entries with their managers and clients.’

The Windows Phone app enables users to track their time and keep a record of their daily activity.
As well as the ability to select a project or task, mark it as billable or non-billable, enter description and then track time.

The Start/Stopwatch allows users to continue tracking Tasks that were previously started. The App supports background time tracking, while you access other applications, and data is saved securely on a cloud server.

Users have the ability to generate advanced reports and export them in PDF and excel formats, and
access a full suite of management tools using the Windows Phone app

Harold Saini, Talygen’s chief program manager, says, ‘Companies can run their entire business using Talygen. Processes and workflows that previously had to be managed manually or via individual software applications can now be managed via Talygen. ‘

Talygen has been designed from the ground up to work both with all major browsers on PCs and Macs as well as all major tablets in the 10” and 7” range. The core Talygen application needs no installation as it is a pure web based application and will work with any modern internet enabled browser.

The application is charged for on a per employee basis, and charges start at $10 per employee per month, falling with the number of employees.

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