SnapPlay now comes to Windows Phone


SnapOne has launched its music streaming application, Snap Play, for Windows Phone 8. Users can listen to the music saved on all their devices, from anywhere.

Snap Play streams a user’s synced music from the cloud to any device, at any time. The application organizes music by song, album, genre, playlists and favourites, and users can create new playlists from their mobile device and stream them from anywhere.

‘A great benefit of Snap Play is that consumers no longer have to worry about music files taking up a lot of storage space on their device,’ says Michael Subhan, VP of Marketing for SnapOne. ‘By streaming music from the cloud instead of keeping songs on your mobile device, you can purchase a cheaper smartphone with less storage capacity.’

Snap Play is downloaded as part of the Snap One suite of apps that includes Snap Secure, Snap Sync and Snap Play, and allows individuals and families to easily secure, sync, back up, stream and share their digital lives through a secure, centralized cloud. Snap One subscribers can add up to six users, 1 TB of cloud storage and unlimited devices to one account. To stream music, subscribers must first sync the music on their devices with Snap Sync, which is include in the suite.

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