Refocus Lumia pictures after taking

Nokia Refocus app for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia Refocus is an app that runs on Lumia Windows Phones with the Amber software update. It lets you take a photo and later choose what you want in focus. It’s specially useful when shooting close-ups because it allows you to show depth in your photos, and then change focal point if you want. You can also add effects like All in focus and Colour pop.

You can also share your interactive Refocus photos via social media, email and messaging – if you have a SkyDrive account. The application first uploads your photos to SkyDrive and then creates a link that you can share with friends so they can play around and change the focus themselves.

You can share Refocus photos over WiFi or a mobile data connection, so check your network operator’s data charges first.

You can download Nokia Refocus free from the Windows Phone app store here.

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