Oslo orders 3000 Windows Phones

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The City of Oslo has invited tenders for the supply of 3,000 smartphones, for the agency responsible for care of the elderly. And Oslo has stipulated that all 3,000 have to be Windows Phones, reports ZDNet.

The reason for demanding Windows Phones is that the back-office services the nurses use while nursing the elderly at home is also Windows-based. Oslo is using the casework and filing system Gerica, developed by Finnish consulting company Tieto. Tieto has developed just one client interface smartphone app for Gerica, which is for Windows Phone.

The specification also reveals that Oslo wants a high-performance mobile: the minimum screen size and resolution is four-inches with an 800×480 resolution. The CPU has to offer a minimum 1GHz clock speed and a higher spec will yield a better score in the evaluation, while the devices’ battery life also needs to be substantial – the specification demands a minimum of eight hours of extensive use.

The tender does not specify 4G LTE support as mandatory, even though Oslo has 4G coverage – instead, only tri-band 3G and EDGE support are listed as mandatory. Other requirements in the specification are that the devices must come with GPS and RFID/NFC onboard.

The municipality of Oslo is one of Norway’s largest employers, with about 43,000 employees, many of these in the health care services. If – as seems very likely – the winning phone are Nokia handsets it would be one of the company’s largest single deals to date, and comes soon after Delta Airlines decided to equip 19,000 flight attendants with Lumia handsets.

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