One in five Windows Phones is a Lumia 520


One in five of the Windows Phones in use are Nokia 520s or 521s. That’s the latest figures from the online ad network AdDuplex, which published its latest report on the Windows Phone devices that connect to its service.

For September, the use of the Nokia 520 went up to 21.3 per cent of all Windows Phones in September. That percentage is up from 13.3 per cent in July and 18 per cent in August. In the U.S., where the phone is sold as the Lumia 521, it is now the second most used Windows Phone device with 14.2 per cent.

The Lumia 521 is very close now to the Verizon exclusive Lumia 822 for the most used Windows Phone in the U.S., which in September had a percentage of 14.6 per cent. It’s likely that it will overtake the Lumia 822 next month.

By contrast the high end Nokia Lumia 1020 doesn’t seem to be catching on. AdDuplex says that on its ad network, the 1020 ranks in 11th place in the U.S. and 28th worldwide. It would seem that people are gravitating to the cheap no-contract phone models like the Lumia 520 and 521.

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