Now Windows Phone is No 2 in Taiwan

Windows phone second in Taiwan

The latest figures from IDC on the Asia-Pacific region in Q2, show that Windows Phone has taken second place in Taiwan. The figures follow closely on the news that Windows Phone is now the second most popular smartphone in India.

Windows Phone beat Apple into second place, taking a 2 per cent market share, leaving iPhone with an even smaller share, since Android accounts for 97 per cent of the market.

According to TechinAsia, the Asian preference for large-sized screens is most the likely explanation. This quarter 37 percent of all smartphones shipped had screens larger than five inches – a thirteen percent increase compared to Q1. More than 93 per cent of all smartphones shipped were over four inches. IDC attributes this trend to the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

The trend may explain Nokia’s move itself to larger screen handsets, even for their low-end devices.
While the numbers in Taiwan are small, it is another indication that Windows Phone is slowly but steadily gaining market share at iPhone’s expense.

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