Now watch BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone

BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone

One big gripe from Windows Phone users (including my missus)  has been the absence of an app for BBC’s iPlayer. Microsoft has now plugged this gap with a free app.

You can watch and listen to BBC TV and radio programmes from the last 7 days on BBC iPlayer using the app which is downloadable from the Microsoft app store.

Features include on-demand content over Wi-Fi and 3G, and the ability to add shows to your favourites, so you can find new episodes quickly and watch or listen later. You also have the ability to listen to BBC Radio in the background as well as browse programmes by category, schedule, featured and most popular.

Get the app free here

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7 thoughts on “Now watch BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone

  1. richardmilton Post author

    Hi, Your Lumia 620 runs Windows 8 and so this app definitely should work on your phone. Try talking to your service provider or dealer. There are very mixed reviews in the app store but I must say it works perfectly on my Lumia 920 all the time.


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