Now Nokia Music alerts you to new releases

The latest version of Nokia Music is out now for your downloading pleasure. The Music team have been busy creating even more ways to enhance your listening experience, this time adding notifications and favourite artists to the mix.

Nokia’s Martin Banham says, ‘The latest features are designed to take you closer to the music you love, with notifications whenever there’s something new happening for one of your favourite artists.’

You can now ‘like’ your favourite artists to personalise your music. Nokia Music will also note artists based on your playing history and the contents of your music library. This means you’ll get a notification the moment one of your favourite artists releases any new music.

There are also gig notifications. Nokia Music will let you know as soon as any new gigs are announced, so you can get your ticket right away and not miss it because it’s sold out before you’ve even heard about it.

To use these functions you can pin Nokia Music to your Home Screen and enable Live Tile notifications so you’ll receive an alert whenever there’s news.

This update is available to all Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8 and will be available via the Windows Phone Store from today.

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