Not a Windows Phone – the design Nokia dropped

Jolla - Not a Windows Phone

A group of ex-Nokia people have formed their own breakaway smartphone company and shown their first product – a phone named Jolla.  They say it is powered by a new operating system which they call Sailfish.

Sailfish has been developed from an abandoned Nokia operating system named MeeGo which Nokia dropped in 2011 when it decided to adopt Windows.

Jolla will be sold online, rather than in the high street, and is likely to be on the market by the end of the year, according to the company’s founder, Antti Saarnio.

Saarnio says, ‘For a couple of years we haven’t had anything really interesting in the mobile phone market. ‘This creates opportunities for newcomers to come in. It’s different, but it’s purposefully different.’

Although the phone uses its own operating system, it can use apps designed for Android, say the designers.  It has a 4.5 inch screen, with an eight megapixel camera, and it supports 4G.

Saarnio and several other Nokia staff left in 2011. They had been working on a joint Nokia-Intel project to create a new mobile operating system to rival Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Nokia actually went as far as launching a handset running under MeeGo, its N9-00.


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