Nokia’s Lumia 925 Windows Phone is its iPhone killer

Nokia Lumia 625 windows phone

In the latest of several recent new phone launches, Nokia has finally unveiled its new top of the range iPhone killer, the Lumia 925.

Outstanding features are a new look bright metal case, a new display and better camera. For the first time Nokia has  adopted a polycarbonate body and a metal frame.  The Finnish giant has addressed the complaints about the previous flagship 920, that it is functionally brilliant but a little clunky.

Nokia’s top of the range cameras have been good before, but with the 925 they have gone a step further. What it calls the Nokia Smart Camera can take ten shots at once and then edit them afterwards with tools and effects like Best Shot, Action Shot and Motion Focus.

As well as updated software, the camera on the Lumia 925 also comes with better lens, giving better pictures in low light conditions.  The imaging software improvements will be made available to existing Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones in an update called Nokia Lumia Amber, which will be rolled out some time this summer.

The Lumia 925 has a new 4.5-inch AMOLED display designed for better brightness and sunlight performance. Add-on covers, sold separately, can add wireless charging to the phone and will come in yellow, red, white and black.

Nokia says it expects to start selling Lumia 925 in June first in UK, Germany, Italy and Spain with Vodafone and other operator and retail partners; and in China with China Mobile and China Unicom, followed by the US with T-Mobile. It will be priced at around 469 EUR before any local taxes or operator subsidies.

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