Nokia releases new version of its Imaging SDK for Windows Phones

Nokia has released a new version of its imaging Software Developers Kit for Windows Phones developers.

According to Samuli Hänninen, vice president of software program management for Nokia’s Smart Devices business, “Based on the core technology that we have in our own imaging apps, such as Nokia Camera and Creative Studio, the Nokia Imaging SDK gives developers access to filters, effects and on-screen rendering options that are unlike any other library on Windows Phone.”

The Imaging SDK includes more than 50 built-in filters such as Sepia, Black & White, Mirror, Tones, and Chromakey, which enables developers to use “green screen” backgrounds to render objects in. Developers can also now create their own custom filters.

Other effects include arbitrary cropping regions, free rotate, and resizing images to a desired file size (such as for social media sharing).

“After a successful beta, we’re confident that this release will be well received. We’ve taken into account a lot of the feedback and have made the SDK even better for developers,” says Sami.

The Nokia Imaging SDK is free to download and available now from Nokia Developer and via NuGet. The following features are included in the 1.0 release of the Nokia Imaging SDK:

  • Partial JPEG decoding
    Using RAJPEG technology, access image data without decoding a whole JPEG      image for fast previews, application of effects, rotation, and cropping of      high resolution images.
  • Updated API
    The Nokia Imaging SDK 1.0 delivers  a WinPRT library, which has been      updated to better follow Win RT conventions. The API is available from      both managed (C# and VB) and native (C++) code, is simple to use, and      comes with a range of intuitive classes and methods.
  • Crop, resize, rotate, and      undo
    Cropping, rotating, and resizing is supported; you can now crop and rotate      in one step with the Reframing API. There’s built-in unlimited undo      functionality.
  • Use the camera as a source
    Use the Camera Helper API for easier access to camera functionality.


The Nokia Imaging SDK and library are available free of charge. You can use the library for any apps published in Windows Phone Store for Nokia Lumia smartphones and, if desired, other Windows Phone 8 devices. For more details, see the Nokia Imaging SDK License Agreement.

The Nokia Imaging SDK, now as 1.0 version, makes some of the technologies that Nokia uses in its own imaging applications available to developers. It is an efficient library for manipulating image data captured and stored by mobile devices. The features include decoding and encoding JPEG images, applying filters and effects, blending, cropping, rotating and resizing, with customization and unlimited undo.

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