Nokia Lumia 625 – big screen and low price

nokia_lumia_625 Windows Phone

Nokia has launched the Lumia 625 – a lower price but bigger screen Windows Phone. The Lumia 625 has a 4.7-inch LCD screen and 4G Internet access.

Vodafone UK has already declared its intention of making the phone available ahead of its 4G launch later this summer but no date as yet.

The Lumia 625 has five brightly coloured changeable shells and has many innovations from the recently announced flagship Lumia 1020. These include integrated camera applications like Smart Camera, and Cinemagraph, which adds movement to photos.

Nicola Shenton, head of devices, EE said, ‘4G is incredibly important for the future of mobile in the UK, and EE is at the forefront. With the new Lumia 625, Nokia is helping to bring even more affordable, quality 4G devices to the market which will ensure 4G experiences are available to a broader audience.’

Graham Stapleton, CEO of Carphone Warehouse UK said, ‘As 4G accelerates across networks in the UK, we expect the service to become available to more consumers at different price points. At Carphone Warehouse we are aiming to offer the broadest range of 4G devices. Nokia is leading the 4G device portfolio already with a number of innovative middle and high end devices. With the Nokia Lumia 625 we see them move to an even more affordable price point with a 4.7” Super sensitive ClearBlack Display, optimised for viewing media on the go.’

The Nokia Lumia 625 will be available in a range of colours including orange, yellow, bright green, white and black with an array of changeable shells enabling easy personalisation. With an estimated retail price of £200 before taxes and subsidies, the Nokia Lumia 625 is planned to begin selling in the UK in Q3. At launch in the UK, the Nokia Lumia 625 will be available from Vodafone, O2, EE, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u.

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