Nokia launches mid-range Lumia 720


Nokia has added another colourful Lumia to its range in the shape of the 720, designed to sit between the cheaper 620, but below the top of the range 920. Like the rest of the Lumia range, the 720 runs Windows Phone 8 software. It also and comes with a bundle of Nokia apps.

The display is 4.3 inches display, it’s powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor. It also comes with 6.7 megapixel camera.

The 720 will cost you £300 on pay as you go from O2, or on contracts starting at £22 per month.
Buying it is around double the price of a 620.

Physically, the Lumia 720 is smaller and easier to hold than the hefty 920. So it will fill a useful slot for those users who want a pocket-sized Windows Phone that is still pretty powerful.

Like the 620, it has Nokia’s first-rate satellite navigation software – which is just as well because you won’t find one in the Windows App Store yet.

With a form factor of 128mm long by 68mm wide, the Lumia 720 is much more petite than the current breed of inflated phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It’s 2mm thinner than the 920 and can be managed easily in one hand.

We’ll be carrying a full road test shortly.

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