Nokia announces Lumia 928 for Verizon

lumia 928-A

Nokia has unveiled its latest Windows mobile, the Lumia 928 which it says is specifically for the U.S. Verizon network.

Nokia has been teasing the market for some time about a major launch on May 14, but the company has told Omio that the 928 is a Verizon specific device and is nothing to do with its forthcoming major announcement.

The Lumia 928 appears to be generally the same as the previous top of the range 920. It too has a 4.5 inch screen, though it is an AMOLED display, rather than an LCD.

The camera flash has been improved and is now a Xenon flash similar to one used in a DSLR cameras. This will offer better pictures in poor lighting situations.

Weight has been reduced from the bulky 185 grams of the 920 to 162 grams and the 928 is also slightly slimmer; down from 70.8mm to 68.9mm. Unlike the 920, the new phone has flat surfaces and square sides.

Further information as it becomes available.

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