Newbies Guide to Windows 8 Phone

Newbies guide to Windows Phone

Newbies Guide to Windows 8 Phone
Published by Minute Help Press
Paperback  £4.99
Kindle         £1.94

I recently overheard a conversation in a pub between two middle-aged ladies. One told her friend, ‘I’ve just bought a smartphone, but I’m not smart enough to use it.’

Her complaint is a common one, and it’s not so much that we’re too dumb to master new technology, it’s just that we’re too busy to wade through a 10-page technical manual.  The Newbies Guide to Windows 8 Phone solves both these problems rather neatly.  It talks the new user through using Windows Phone – but it does it in plain English and in an entertaining and engaging way, so that it’s not so much an imposition on our time, as an enjoyable learning experience.

The guide first introduces readers to Windows 8 itself and the Metro interface, as well as advising on choosing the right phone for your purposes. It then talks you through everything, from opening the box, through the basics of screen navigation to the clever stuff about pushing your phone to new levels of creativity.

Chapters include:-

  •  The Many Faces of Windows 8, Choosing the Right Windows Phone for You
  • Setup, What’s in the Box (and What’s Missing) The Initial Setup
  • Navigating the Phone. First Things First: Touch Screen Navigation and Gestures
  • The Start Screen
  • Customizing: Colors and Themes, Contacts, Phone, and the People Hub, Internet Explorer
  • The Camera and the Photos Hub
  • Getting More out of Your Windows Phone
  • Pushing Your Phone to the Next Level!
  • The Windows Store and the Windows Phone App
  • The Music + Videos Hub
  • SkyDrive
  • The Settings Menu

Finally, there’s a chapter on Extra Tips and Tricks: Bing Vision and Kid’s Corner and one on Must-Have Apps and Games.

As well as the purely procedural questions, the guide also has some practical advice, which the authors are not afraid to hand out in a speak-your-mind kind of way.  For example, they point out that there are two top of the range phones in the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X (no doubt they’ll be boning up on the Nokia 925 as we speak) but then they go on to say, rather uncompromisingly, ‘We recommend steering clear of three low end devices, if you have a choice: the Huawei Ascend, the Samsung Ativ Odyssey, and the Nokia Lumia 620 are all sub-par devices, comparatively speaking. With the deals you can find on the super-powerful options we’ve already mentioned, we don’t see any reason to purchase these lower-end phones.’

Windows Phone News verdict: Well and clearly written, comprehensive in coverage, text easy to understand and navigate. Perfect book for users new to Windows Phone. Recommended.


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