New version UC Browser for Windows Phone

uc browser for windows phone

UCWeb has released UC Browser 3.1 for Windows Phone. UC Browser is the most popular alternative to default IE browser on Windows Phones, the app has more than 400 million users and is the number 1 browser on the Windows app store.

The latest update comes with multiple additions including greater sharing, the ability to play downloaded music in the background, Portuguese and Spanish support, and optimized searching.

IE only allows you to share images via built-in apps, but UC Browser enables you to share images via any apps on your Windows Phone that support photo-sharing. Long press on any image you come across, and select ‘Share Image’.

You can now play downloaded music while browsing, even though the screen is locked.

UC Browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology to reduce data consumption and loads web content faster. It supports more Gestures than IE does, for instance, swipe right to go back a page or left to go forward instantly without refreshing the web content.

Smart Download enables you to download files of various formats, and pause and resume the downloads as you please. In other words, it turns your cell phone into a powerful download tool.

IE browser allows only a maximum of 6 tabs, while UC Browser can open up to 9 tabs at the same time, with the ability to swipe to close.

The browser is free to download from the Windows app store here

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4 thoughts on “New version UC Browser for Windows Phone

  1. Vivek Tiwari

    while playing some videos, i can download them easily from you tube which is cool and others apps can’t download VEVO videos.
    But the big trouble is that i can’t locate that video through my computer… they are not visible at all

    But i download from other streaming website, i do have an option to export to memory card.


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