New Readit for Reddit has loads of features


Readit is, as the name suggests, a Reddit app for the Windows Phone. The app has had a new update for Windows Phone 8 in the form of version number 1.3.

Readit has already had one big update but the developers have really gone to to town with this one.
There have been battery improvements and optimisations for low memory devices. You can now pin subreddits as live tiles and Subreddits can be pinned as either a cycle tile, which cycles through 9 images, or a flip tile which shows a recent post on the back.

You can now upload an album when posting a new post and you can upload a single image when posting a new post. You can now sticky/unsticky a post from the moderation item in the appbar when viewing a post and you no longer have to fill out a captcha for every post .

Comments are now cached (only while viewing a post) based on sort order so if you accidentally swipe you don’t lose your place. Websites are now opimized by default using Readability – setting located in Browsing – default ON.

Swipe view is now animated when you swipe your finger across the screen – and is much more responsive as well. Read posts are now cached for 7 days instead of 2 and caching of posts for the subreddits are no longer user specific and won’t carry across account switches.

As always it’s try before you buy and the paid version is $1.99. Its available for download from the Windows Phone app store here.

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