Mint finance app comes to Windows Phone


Mint, the personal finance app, has been launched for Windows Phone 8.

Mint syncs with personal banking accounts and provide up-to-date information to users such as approaching deadlines for paying bills as well as giving financial advice.

Group Product Manager Vince Maniago says he is particularly proud of the “Goals” feature. This part of the app allows users to create a savings plans for a variety of major events – helping formulate a plan for savings in anticipation of major life events such as an upcoming wedding or purchasing a house.

The biggest difference with this app compared to the Android and iOS alternatives is it takes advantage of a core element within the Windows 8 operating system: Live Tiles, which are app icons that update in real time with information.

Maniago says that the constant shifting of the tiles makes it more visually pleasing to help plan finances. Incorporated into the program is a widget that provides an organization system that can condense all your information into digestible chunks of information.

For example, one tile can display your recent transactions while another will contain the current amount of money found in your accounts. These panels can be switched around and linked together in order to sync more tasks together.

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