Microsoft updates App Studio


Microsoft has updated its App Studio beta, incorporating features that developers have requested. According to Emilio Salvador Prieto, who heads Microsoft’s Windows Phone developer experience team, ‘We improved usability and performance, and updated the quality of the code generated.’

Chief improvement in App Studio is that the menu bar now makes it easier to navigate. Says Prieto, ‘We enhanced the navigation buttons and made it much easier to edit collections after an app is created. We added dozens of new graphics elements: icons, backgrounds, and stock images you can use to enhance and sharpen the visual identity of your app.’

This newest version also integrates SkyDrive, making it easy to access pictures. Prieto says Microsoft has also made progress enhancing the Visual Studio project template and the code that it generates, to make cleaner and leaner code which speeds up the app creation process.

Prieto says, ‘I invite you to review the source code and Visual Studio project template to experience firsthand some of our App Studio updates: improved naming conventions for consistency across your project, simplified projects and app manifests, and pinch to zoom.’

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