Microsoft plans to merge Windows app stores


Microsoft is planning to combine its Windows Phone Store and Windows Store into a single app store, according to a report in The Verge. The report says that that Terry Myerson, head of the Windows group, confirmed the move in an internal company meeting.

At the same meeting Myerson is said to have committed to the next releases of Windows and Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8.1 and a special update planned for Windows 8.1, both re due to for release in spring 2014.

No details have been revealed of how the single Windows Store would work, nor whether Windows Phone apps will run on Windows. Myerson has said that he sees the future of Windows RT in phones and small tablets. ‘Windows RT was our first ARM tablet’, he recently told analysts, ‘and as phones extend into tablets, expect us to see many more ARM tablets, Windows ARM tablets in the future.’

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