Microsoft moving quickly with Windows Phone says VP

Joe Belfiore VP for Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone VP, Joe Belfiore, says that the Windows Phone platform is indeed small, but it is growing fast. In fact, Belfiore says that Microsoft is moving quickly with the platform, but in ways that are less visible to consumers.

“The work we are doing is valuable, and a lot of people aren’t aware of it,” Belfiore says. In response to the low market share, Belfiore says, “We’re small, but growing fast. We’ll take it.” Microsoft has updated the platform, with GDR2 being released and GDR3 being announced. Microsoft has also made the GDR3 update available to developers.

Belfiore reiterates that the biggest issue for the platform is the lack of key apps. He believes that the best thing Microsoft or its partners can do to grow the Windows Phone market is to release key apps to create a more attractive platform.

Windows Phone may be outselling the iPhone in India and Latin America, but it has sustained a single digit market share percentage in the United States. Microsoft says the GDR3 update is designed to bring support for larger Windows Phone devices powered by 1080p displays and quad core processors.

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