Microsoft launches rebranded OneDrive


Microsoft has launched its newly-named OneDrive, (you used to know it as SkyDrive) saying the updated service is its most advanced cloud storage solution to date. The updated OneDrive has aleady begun rolling out on all platforms.

Microsoft says existing SkyDrive customers should be automatically updated to get the new services, but warned it may take longer for some applications to update to use the new OneDrive branding.

The update comes after Microsoft was ordered by a court to rename its SkyDrive cloud storage service in 2013 after the courts ruled that using the word ‘sky’ could lead customers to believe the service was provided by BSkyB.

Microsoft European product marketing director, Gabby Hegerty, says,”’he average user carries around three to four devices and our research shows these numbers are only going to grow in the future. The problem is this means we’re storing our data in all sorts of places. This isn’t ideal as it means you can’t always access the content you want. A lost phone or device can also mean losing important files forever. That’s where OneDrive comes in.’

As well as a name change OneDrive features a number of enhanced productivity features, including real-time collaborative document-editing, video-transcoding technology and automatic photo-upload support on Android.

Automatic camera backup is a feature already included on the iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 versions of SkyDrive. The feature lets users set any device with the OneDrive application installed to automatically back up photo files to the cloud service immediately after they are taken.

Real-time collaborative document-editing is a feature similar to the one currently housed on competing cloud storage service Google Drive. The feature means users can now collaboratively edit documents using OneDrive’s Office web apps with people they’ve shared them with in real time. Prior to the update users could collaborate on documents, but would have to refresh the page to see other people’s changes.

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