Microsoft $250m datacentre for Finland

Microsoft to build datacentre in Finland

Microsoft is to design and build its next datacentre in Finland. The new facility, costing more than $250m (£161m), will serve Microsoft customers in Europe.

The Windows Phone company revealed it had chosen Finland as the home for its next datacentre on when it announced plans to acquire Finnish telecommunications company Nokia in a $7.2bn deal.

Microsoft also announced that it plans to invest more than a quarter of a billion dollars in capital and operation of the Finland datacentre over the next few years, with the potential for further expansion.

Helsinki is a growing datacentre hub and offers easy access to Russia and the Baltic countries.
Microsoft already has other European datacentre facilities – in Ireland and The Netherlands.

The new Finnish datacentre is the latest in Microsoft’s datacentre expansion strategy. In June, it announced that it is investing $677.6m to expand its existing datacentre in West Des Moines, Iowa.

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