Lloyds bank app for Windows Phone

Lloyds Bank launches Windows Phone app

Lloyds bank has launched an online banking app for its customers in the UK .

The app allows users to log on with their Internet Banking details, view balances and transaction history, check credit card limit and pay a bill. You can also mke transfers between your Lloyds Bank UK personal current and savings accounts, securely set up and make payments, and manage your existing overdraft.

The app also allows users to find a Lloyds Bank branch or Cashpoint, or LINK ATM in the UK.

Lloyds says it uses the latest online security measures to protect your money, your personal information and your privacy. It offers an online guarantee they they will refund your money if you experience fraud when using this app – as long as you’ve been careful.

The bank cautions that it has ‘noticed performance issues on the Nokia Lumia 610. Until resolved with this device we recommend accessing mobile banking at online.lloydsbank.co.uk’.

The app is free and is available from the Windows Phone app store here.

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