LG to market Windows Phone says CEO

LG is developing a Windows Phone says Kwon Soon

Korean mobile phone maker LG is reported to be developing a Windows Phone according to Indian publication, LightReadingIndia.

The paper quotes LG India’s managing director Kwon Soon saying, ‘ At home (South Korea), we are actually working on our Windows Phone 8 OS powered smartphone. Android is the major platform globally, given its acceptance and penetration. Although we believe that Windows will pick up going ahead, as Microsoft is pumping efforts into it.’

Mr. Soon emphasised that India in a key market for LG. ‘India is one of the most important markets for LG and we will bring Android based smartphones in different price brackets in the country. Our current range starts from Rs 6,000.’

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6 thoughts on “LG to market Windows Phone says CEO

  1. richardmilton Post author

    I think you’re right, Senthil – at present LG seems to be playing “wait and see”, like Huawei and others. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if and when they decide to take the plunger seriously into this market!

  2. MassimilianoRizzo

    I still own that phone. I’ve been using LG first Windows Phone 7 smartphone “LG Optimus 7″ for three years up to now, I’m so glad with it and the final 7.8 update that I see no reason to change it but this new one you’re talking about.

  3. Pallava

    Much Appreciated, I have Windows phone..I really appreciating this upcoming LG’s Windows phone, When it comes into market I would be the first buyer..thanks to LG


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