Is this Nokia’s new Windows Phone camera?

Picture: Vizileaks

Only days after Nokia announced its new top of the range Lumia 925 Windows Phone, details are surfacing of what appears to be its long-awaited high resolution camera version of the Windows Phone.

The editors of Vizileaks say they have been given access to a prototype long enough to handle it and take photographs.  The prototype closely resembles the Lumia 920 Windows Phone, except that it has a large circular bulge holding the lens mechanism.

Like the 920, it is large, black and seems to be made from high impact polycarbonate material. The Vizileaks team say that the button layout is also similar to the 920 with the left side bare, and the right side lining up the volume rocker, power button, and the camera shutter button.

Like other Lumias, the top contains a micro-sim card tray, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a noise cancelling microphone.

The back, they report, contains nothing but 2 metal contacts for the wireless charging covers similar to those that the Lumia 925 will have, while the main focus point is the large camera with a short pulse red eye/led flash and a powerful xenon flash.

The camera carries Nokia’s ‘Pureview’ brand name and is marked ‘XX Megapixel’. Nokia has previously produced a camera with 41 megapixels resolution – far higher than any point and shoot camera on the market – and this may well be the resulting marriage of camera and phone.

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