IBM thumbs up for Windows Phone


Jim Szafranski, senior vice president of Customer Platform Services at IBM has said many of its enterprise customers overwhelmingly prefer their employees to use Windows Phones.

He says that enterprises like to see their workers using Windows Phone because to its integration with Microsoft systems. And it was this strong IT interest that caused IBM to add Windows Phone to its product lines. The company’s new MaaS360 suite, which will include WP compatibility, lets IT separate personal apps and data from enterprise software and info on the phone.

“IT likes Microsoft and likes Windows. They’ve made a lot of investment in things like Active Directory and Exchange and as a result they have a lot of interest in seeing Windows Phone used by employees,” Szafranski told RedmonD Magazine. “I don’t think anyone is going to be all Windows on mobile, but enterprises do want it and I think they have a strong opportunity when it comes to the enterprise side of purchase decisions.”

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