Huawei will still make Windows Phones

Huawei will still make windows phone

Huawei Technologies, China’s biggest phone maker, will continue to make Windows Phones even
though Microsoft has bought Nokia’s phone business, says the company.

‘We will continue to develop devices running Windows Phone, and launch more products,’ Richard Ren, Huawei executive who heads the company’s consumer unit in Europe, told reporters in Stockholm. ‘We remain one of Microsoft’s strategic partners.’

Huawei became the fourth company to sell smartphones running Windows when it launched the Ascend W1 smartphone in January 2013, joining Nokia, Samsung and HTC.

Some commentators had predicted that third party manufacturers of Windows Phones would be put off by competing with Microsoft itself. This announcement shows such comments to be ill-founded.

For Huawei, however, Windows Phone is not a major part of its overall handset sales. The majority of phones sold by the Chinese telecom maker run Google’s Android operating system. In the first half of 2013 year, Huawei was ranked as the fourth-largest maker of smartphones by shipment volumes, according to International Data Corp., having shipped 20 million units world-wide.

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