HTC signs up ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey

HTC signs 'Iron Man' Robert Downey

HTC has signed up the star of Iron Man movies, Robert Downey Jr, as its global brand ambassador, with the Hollywood actor making his debut in a multimedia campaign breaking this week.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has confirmed the two-year deal with the actor following a teaser Vine video which appeared on the internet last week that appeared to show Downey Jr alighting from a helicopter.

Martin Kang, HTC’s head of marketing for EMEA, says while HTC’s products have historically demonstrated a pioneering ethos that “changed the mobile industry…we’ve not been too good at promoting ourselves and we can’t be allowed to make the same mistakes”.

The campaign in its current guise will run until the autumn, at which point Kang said ‘newer products will be embedded’ into the campaign. He referred to the One Mini and ‘more products that will round up the One family further on.’ The creative concept and Downey Jr’s involvement will continue for at least the next two years.

The campaign features Downey Jr as a high-powered, somewhat bonkers exec not unlike Tony Stark – technology magnate by day and Iron Man by night in three blockbuster movies.

‘Having this kind of asset in Robert Downey Jr means we’re going to fire on all channels – social, TV and digital, with digital the core space.’ Kang said that HTC’s global marketing spend will be similar to last year’s $1bn.

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