How smartphone mobile ultrasound was born

Sailesh ChutaniDr. Sailesh Chutani is CEO and Co-founder of Mobisante and the mobile ultrasound device is his brainchild.  Before Mobisante, he managed $100m worth of exploratory research investments in emerging technologies to identify and seed new businesses at Microsoft.

Sailesh has championed cell phone technologies in healthcare since 2005 and he co-authored the book, ‘Technology at the Margins’ that takes a global view of the impact of the mobile phone on healthcare, education, micro-finance and resource management.

The proof of concept for the device came out of collaboration between Sailesh’s former group at Microsoft Research, and David’s lab at Washington University at St. Louis. It generated great excitement in the medical community as a potential successor to the stethoscope, but one that is more powerful. Whenever medical professionals saw a demo of the device, they wanted to buy it. Since it is hard to sell a research prototype, Sailesh and Co-founder David Zar set up Mobisante in December 2009 to create a commercial product based on the original idea.

Several community clinics quickly got behind the effort and provided the initial seed funds. Emergency physicians, surgeons, academic medical centres, and community clinics piloted the beta version of the device and provided feedback to help improve it. WRF Capital invested in the company in November 2010. The first product, the MobiUS SP1 system, was cleared by the FDA in January 2011 and launched in the USA market in October 2011. The MobiUS SP1 system also becomes the first cellphone-based diagnostic device to be cleared by the FDA.

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