Goodbye Siri – hello Cortana

halo cortana for Windows Phone

In its most inspired pre-launch leak so far, Microsoft has let slip that Windows 8.1 will have an intelligent voice-activated digital helper to compete with iPhone’s Siri. Windows Phone is to get Cortana, the beautiful blue helper from the Halo series of video games.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrote earlier this year, ‘Our machine-learning infrastructure will understand people’s needs and what is available in the world, and will provide information and assistance. We will be great at anticipating needs in people’s daily routines and providing insight and assistance when they need it.’ Bill Gates also talked about smart-assistant technology at a Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.

One version of Windows Phone 8.1 update is said to show that Microsoft is already testing Cortana’s ability to pull in notifications, weather and location info, calendar details, and also has access to the phone’s Bluetooth capabilities.

While waiting to find out what Cortana’s artificial intelligence capabilities are, you can get a preview by playing Halo on your Windows Phone.

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