Facebook login for Windows Phone apps

Facebook login for windows phone apps

Windows Phone 8 developers can now integrate a Facebook  system into their applications so users don’t have to bother to complete a sign up.

Called Facebook Login,  the service enables people to enter their access codes once for Facebook and then use the service to log into third-party apps.

The application programming interface for Windows Phone 8 is in a beta phase that’s expected to last no longer than 60 days, according to Microsoft.

The benefit for developers, says Steve Guggenheimer, a Microsoft vice president and Windows evangelist, is that tapping into Facebook’s Login increases app signups and usage by simplifying registration and logins.

‘Every step or interruption between a consumer and the task they want to complete creates friction and engagement drop-off. Some studies show such interruptions can significantly reduce a user’s likelihood of signing up for the app,’ he says.

As well as simplifying the registration and login processes, Facebook Login can also be used by third-party apps to share things like scores and app events on the social networking site, play games with friends and share photos, according to Guggenheimer. Foursquare, Adobe and iHeartRadio will use Facebook Login on their Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps.

‘We remain 100 percent committed to the Microsoft Account, as we are to Active Directory for companies,’ Guggenheimer says. ’Enabling Facebook Login speaks to Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to build extensible platforms that work well with other leaders in the industry, and to provide developers with choices for things like identity verification when building apps for Windows and Windows Phone.’

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