Explore the world in 3D via Windows Phone

Explore the world via Windows Phone

Earth Explorer for Windows Phone 8 shows your current location or any place in the world in pseudo-3D, also referred to as 2.5D.

When you start the app, it shows a satellite image of your current location looking down as though at a 3D contour map. You can zoom in and out using two fingers in the usual way, and also rotate the image. Using three fingers on the screen you can alter the pitch angle of your view, as though changing the view from aircraft.

The app is loaded with detailed satellite views of the world so you can have fun visiting anywhere you please. Earth Explorer is not meant to be a replacement for an ordinary map (Nokia Here is much better for that) it does give you a simulated 3D view of the terrain. A permanent on-screen compass gives you your bearings.

You can add any place in the world either by searching for it or by double tapping with your finger on the map. You can also share places with other users of Earth Explorer via email.

There’s a free version downloadable from the Windows app store (but it does come with irritating adverts).

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