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Windows Phone App Studio

Microsoft has launched a new online tool that it claims anyone can use to build their own app for Windows Phones.

Called Windows Phone App Studio, the software is a web-based wizard that lets you create your own HTML-based mobile apps in your web browser, either by starting from scratch or by working from a prepared template.

According to Emilio Salvador Prieto of the Windows Phone team, ‘Windows Phone App Studio is about giving everyone the ability to create an app, regardless of experience. It also can radically accelerate workflow for all developers.’

To use the system you need to log in with a Microsoft account. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a registered Windows Phone developer to use the App Studio.

The idea of the tool is that you can set up a few simple screens and menus, then draw content from external sources such as RSS feeds, YouTube, or custom HTML to produce a finished app.

To help developers with little or no experience, Microsoft has included a set of templates for typical apps you might want to build, including apps about your company, hobbies, favourite sports team or band, reviews of films you’ve seen, and so on. Currently, there are 13 templates available.

More information from the Windows App Store.

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