Beat the NSA and GCHQ – use Windows Phone


If you don’t want the out-of-control cyber-criminals at GCHQ and the NSA to spy on your mobile phone, then stick to a Windows Phone – the intelligence agencies are gathering information from apps leaking from iOS and Android phones.

The revelations about the NSA and GCHQ tapping into data leaking from smartphone apps was published by the New York Times, The Guardian, and Pro Publica. They are based on documents provided by Edward Snowden. The NSA has been using leaky apps to scoop up data about people, including age, gender, location, household income, marital status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and much more.

A briefing held in May, 2010 provided detailed information about how the NSA and GCHQ have carried out their snooping. A PowerPoint slide the presentation shows that only the iPhone and Android were targeted.

In both instances, what the NSA calls Warrior Pride was ported to the smartphone platform. Warrior Pride is the name of spyware kits for use on the iPhone and Android phones.Windows Phone wasn’t mentioned in the slides in the 2010 presentation.

In another set of NSA slides published by the New York Times, the Blackberry and Symbian phone operating systems were mentioned, although they doesn’t detail precisely what information is gathered from those phones, aside from targeting Blackberry PINs.

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