Another update for UC Browser for Windows Phone

UC browser for windows phone updated

UC Browser, the app that is being widely used as an alternative browser for Windows Phone, has been updated. You can now pin your favourite sites to your Speed Dial, and share your downloaded files to other devices via the same WiFi connection.

UC Browser claims more than 400 million users across than 150 countries and regions. It is currently available in 11 different languages on all major operating platforms.

This update takes the version number to and is available now for download. With this update, you can pin your favourite websites to the Speed Dial feature – which can make it easier to quickly access your favourite websites. You can also easily pin certain app features such as “Downloads” to the Speed Dial, so you can quickly access your downloaded files. All you have to do is click the “+” button on the Speed Dial, go into Feature Recommendation and select Downloads.

You can also share your downloaded files to other devices via the same WiFi connection by going to the Download Management feature of the app and clicking on the WiFi icon at the bottom right corner. You can also access your websites with an improved site navigation and share your current location to your friends. The app also features a Live tile on your home screen to better blend into the Windows Phone theme.

The updated UC browser app is available free from the Windows Phone app store here.

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